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We have posted on facebook a few times concerning this matter but it appears that it keeps getting buried in the timeline.

This post regards an issue with some of our designs.

Several customers contacted us concerning extra “jump” or “tackdown” stitches that were occurring with our designs.  However, when we would open them, we would find no such issues.  Therefore, we couldn’t fix them.  After researching and emailing the software company time and time again with no luck, we were at a loss… and extremely sad that this software glitch was causing our designs to appear faulty.  Please note, that many of our customers never reported any issue with any design and quite often complimented the quality.  These extra stitches did not affect the designs and were usually removed easily… but added a general frustration to the busy appliquer.  This post is simply to ensure that we are completely and honestly committed to resolving any and every error possible.

We sincerely aplogize for the frustration this has caused if you have experienced it.  Many of our customers never had this issue with any of our designs.  We were never able to determine if it was extension specific or random?  Thankfully, a couple of our digitizing friends brainstormed and extended helping hands.  We are so thankful for them.  Now, we have found a brand new way of creating designs that no longer appear to ever have this issue.  At least the last 3-4 sets of listings have been digitized differently.  All designs from here on out will also be digitized differently.  We would love to go back and fix all the other designs (over 800) but they would have to be completely redigitized… We will try our best to replace our most popular designs or any that were specifically reported with this error.

Thank you so very much for the overwhelming support and love that you always show to us.  We feel so undeserving and utterly blessed to be here.

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6 thoughts on “Applique Alley Announcement

  1. So if you go back and fix some of the old ones would we be able to redownload them? I am one of those customers that has stopped using your designs because the extra stitches were so frustrating. I use EXP format and no one ever seemed to know what I was talking about, but that is because they used PES. The unfortunate part is that as part of the design it tends to knot off after that frustrating jump stitch so I am always worried that the stitches will pull out once I trim. I am glad some other digitizer were able to teach you a new way and that the newer designs will be digitized differently. I will give Applique Alley another try.

  2. Hi Jessica! If and when I am able to go back and fix some of the older designs, I will post about them on FB and hopefully through my newsletter so that those who have already purchased the design will receive the edited design to replace the one with the jumps…. 🙂

  3. Thank you for addressing this. I have had this problem with the Crawfish in Boiling Water (which I have stitched out a LOT lately!), and like you said the stitches are easily removed but it is quite annoying! Can’t remember if I had an issue with the Mardi Gras Gator….Glad you found a fix!

  4. I use PES and encountered this problem with every design. I too had to stop using them (except for a couple of my absolute faves!) because I stitch professionally, and 1) didn’t have time to remove the stitches 2) a couple of times the extra stitches left holes in the garments. I am SO happy to hear that you have resolved the issues because I think you and your designs are just darling!
    Thanks Emily!

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