Ribbon Spider Tutorial

If you choose to add ric rac legs or ribbon legs to your spider, here is a tutorial showing the steps. If you are using the design with satin stitched legs and string, you will not need this tutorial.
Q: Why would you add ric rac and not just use the satin stitched legs and string? A: Along with providing a cute cute alternative to this design, adding ric rac to make the legs and string allows you to make the spider itself much bigger b/c it stretches across the whole hoop instead of having to have room for the legs and string.
This is my design but Make Mine Monogrammed. tested it for me! Thanks Keely!
1.An outline of the spider, leg placement outline, and web string outline will stitch first… just so you can get a clear picture of your design before beginning.
2.Next place the material for the web string (ric ract in this tutorial) down and let the tack down stitch complete. Then follow the same step for the legs. You will have to hold the legs in place until the tack down completes. Watch your fingers!

3. I added a zig zag stitch to provided stability

4.When the zig zag completes, follow the steps for creating an applique as usual. I suggest placing a thick piece of stabilizer (or felt) down before your fabric. This will prevent the ric rac from showing through or making lumps in your design.

[HINT: I would suggest putting a stitch in the top of the “web string” and at the ends of the spider “legs” to prevent them from flopping around too much…. esp in the washing machine.]

5. Finished product! Don’t you just LOVE This dress!!! SO CUTE!!


You can find the design here:



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