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First off, we would like to thank our good friend Elizabeth for taking the time to stitch this design and take photos for this tutorial.  She has been such a gift to our family!  We appreciate your friendship Elizabeth!  Thank you for all you do!

Here is an applique tutorial on one of our designs.  There have been some questions as to why we digitize the way we do and we hope this helps to explain that.  We have committed ourselves to continual improvement along the way.  Digitizing is such a learning process.  We are determined to offer you quality applique designs for your personal or business use.

Here is the design we will be making a tutorial on:


You can purchase the design here: http://www.appliquealley.com/item_1166/TEAPOT-SCALLOP.htm

Here is the Chart of the steps of the Teapot Scallop design:



1. Hoop your item to be appliqued, in this instance it is a tee from http://www.blanksboutique.com.  Hooping is probably one of the hardest things about applique.  A rule of thumb we like to use is 2 inches or two fingers distance from the neck.  Now, of course that depends on the size of the shirt.  On larger shirts that may be too high.


2. The first stitch is a straight placement stitch for the scallop to show you where your scallop fabric will go.


3. Prepare your fabric by adhering Heat n Bond Lite to your fabric before placing on your item.  Follow the instructions on the package and be sure to peel the backing off after you iron it onto the fabric.  We will adhere the Heat N Bond Lite to the shirt later in the tutorial.


4. Place the fabric inside the hoop covering the scallop placement stitch.  Do your best to line up your pattern especially if you are using stripes, ginghams, chevrons, etc.  A second straight stitch will stitch.  This is your tack down stitch for your scallop fabric.


5.  Trim your fabric close but not too close to your tack down stitch.  We suggest small scissors made specifically for applique such as gingher double curved.


6.  This is how your scallop should look after trim your fabric.


7. A tight Zig Zag Stitch will now stitch to hold your fabric in place.  We do not combine it with the previous tack down b/c you cannot cut as close.  We also do not combine it with our satin finishing stitch b/c some people choose to leave the design as a Zig Zag design skipping the satin stitches.  Lastly, our zig zag stitches are slightly thinner than our satin stitches giving you one more chance to trim your fabric in case you left too much in any area.  You do not want your fabric showing under your sating stiches.


8. Now the placement stitch for the teapot fabric will stitch and you will do this the same way as you did the scallop fabric.


9.  Don’t forget to adhere your Heat N Bond Lite to your second fabric.


10.  Again, be sure to peal the backing off the Heat N Bond Lite.  It should be transparent and shiny looking.  Heat n Bond Lite also makes it easier to trim your fabric appropriately.  It gives the fabric more of paper like consistency and the fabric will not fray.


11.  Place the fabric over the area outlined for the teapot and the straight tack down stitch will perform.


12. Trim the fabric as you did in the scallop section.  Your design should now look like this.


13.  Remove the hoop from your machine but do not remove the shirt from the hoop.  Using a small iron, craft iron, or travel iron, iron over the entire design before you complete the satin stitches.  This will allow the Heat N Bond Lite to adhere to the shirt and for both fabrics to adhere together.  This will prevent fraying, slipping, etc.  Do not skip the Heat N Bond Lite.  It will make your designs lie flat and the quality will be greatly improved.


14.  See how flat the fabric is?  It’s worth the extra time.


15.  Place the hoop back onto your machine.


16. Next the satin stitch for the scallop will stitch.


17.  In this design we added an accent top stitch to go on top of the satin scallop stitch.  This step is optional and is not included in every design.


18.  Lastly, stitch the satin stitch for the teapot and you’re finished!

We always suggest pre-washing shirts and fabrics.  This will account for any shrinkage that may occur.

We also suggest hand washing all appliqued and embroidered items.  Though it’s tempting to toss them in the dryer, it’s not worth the risk.  Hang your items to dry.  This will prevent any of the fabric from fraying, slipping, or pulling, though the Tack Downs and Heat N Bond Lite should prevent that also.  You don’t want to risk distorting your hard work.  Make sure you alert all of your customers to these facts as well.

We hope this helps!  Please remember that applique designs (depending on the individual design) will vary slightly.

If you have any questions please email us at contact@appliquealley.com


Navy is the new Pink!

Who’s with us?  We are just wild about Navy this year!  We even painted our shutters on a house we are renovating NAVY!  It’s perfect.

Normally when we think of summer we automatically start thinking of teals, pinks, yellows, oranges and all the other brights out there… leaving poor ole Navy to hide until winter.  Well, we have no plans to hide our Navy any longer!  You want those typical summer colors to POP?  Add a little Navy!

Check out this dress we found at…               wait for it              …



How CUTE is this going to look with a big bold orange monogram!?!?!  We love the lime green piping and thought an orange bow is just what it needs to make it summerific!


Here’s another cute dress we found ON CLEARANCE (in their finals section) from Chez Ami.  We let them do the monogramming this time… but isn’t it cute!?!?


Pretty much any color will go perfectly with your Navy.  Believe us, we’ve tried!  Take a look at how these bows accent perfectly!


Navy is no longer reserved for Winter and the Marina…. Sure black will do, but this deep, dark mysterious hue of blue add a little warmth and draws the vibrancies out of any color that you might choose to pair it with!

Are you loving it too?  Send us your photos and let us see!




11 for 11…they’re all CUTE CUTE CUTE!




We pretty much have summer covered!!!  Whatever you need for summer, we probably have a design for it!  Soon, we will start working on Back to School, Fall, and Winter Holiday!  But don’t worry, we will continue bringing more cute summery designs as well!  We know that many of you like to plan ahead for your clothing lines and we are here to help you get organized before the rush gets here!

These newest 11 designs will be $1.50 until Sunday, April 14 at midnight!


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