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My love affair … with Heat N Bond Lite

This post won’t be very extensive… but it needs to be said.  I LOVE and adore Heat N Bond Lite!

If you haven’t added this item to your list of necessary material for applique, then your appliques are being neglected.  So, let me enlighten you… well, here’s the short list.


Crisp Clean Appliques (no more fabric wrinkles!)

Fabric is MUCH easier to cut

Appliques are More Stable (meaning they are less likely to pull away from stitches)

LOVE a little less

cost (though it’s worth every penny and actually cuts down on my applique time b/c it’s easier to cut)

extra time to cut and iron on (again WORTH IT)

That’s basically IT (in a nutshell).  I could go on but how much more information does one really need?  Better applique and a little easier… I’m SOLD!  I buy my HNBL in bulk from Amazon

Therm O Web Heat 'N Bond Lite Iron-On Adhesive, 17-Inch by 35-Yard


Applique Alley Sample Sale!

What would we do without our testers?  I don’t want to know!

Our testers keep Applique Alley rolling out the designs you have come to expect from us every week… but now they have TOO MANY shirts cluttering up their sewing room.  From time to time we will host a sample sale on our sample sale page to help them destash these tees and make room for MORE!

You can expect all sorts of samples.. for girls, boys, and the home… at great prices too!

We posted a HUGE set last night and have more coming soon!

Check them out!