What’s up with that Zig Zag

If you’ve ever stitched any of our Applique designs, you know that we have a:


2.single run tackdown

3.seperate zig zag tackdown 

Yall either love it or hate it but here’s why you should totally consider feeling some good vibes with it.  Let me explain. 

Here we have our new diamond Applique.  Fabric is heat n bonded (light) and tacked down. 

Hold up… I’ll give you a moment to breathe in these pretty colors!  Ahhhh…. 

Ok, back to business.  

It looks pretty cute and hand sewn just like this, am I right?  However, a single run stitch is not the most secure.  

Let’s add the zig zag.

Stitch stitch stitch.

And here we go.  Our diamond is secure. 

Almost looks like we’ve got a superman situation on our hands doesn’t it?  But, no, it’s a girly blingy diamond.  

Now, here’s why we love this extra step.

1. You can totally leave this design as it is.  The zig zag is secure and the fabric is bonded to the shirt.  It looks completely hand done like you did it with a sewing machine.  Adds a little variety, don’t ya think?

2. We control the density of our zig zag stitch.  Therefore, it’s slightly tighter than the automatic underlay our software sets.  Secure is good!

3. Our zig zag stitch is also slightly thinner than our final satin stitch.  This gives you a second chance to trim any fabric that might be hanging out that you certainly don’t want showing outside your satin.

4. If for some reason, you need to rip a stitch out (if the fabric got creased or wrinkled) … We all know it’s SO much easier to rip out a zig zag stitch than the pick out a satin stitch.

So, there you go.  This is our science behind our extra zig zag stitch!

Show it some love, why don’t you. ❤️ 

Here’s the final product with the satin stitch finished.



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