“Handstitched-ish” VS Raggy

I have been working on a series of hand stitched looking designs.  When that is the desired effect, it needs to be made clear exactly what type of hand stitched effect is wanted.  As simple as a 3 step design can have, variety is possible!!  Do you want an “I traced this with a sewing machine for a retro type clean look” or do I want a “vintage look with a rugged edge”…. The choice is yours!

Again, this particular design is only 3 steps!  So super simple and so super classic!

First things first, you can get this design here:



To get the “cleaner” handstitched look, MAKE SURE you use heat n bond lite.  That’s it.  Simple, Iron it, and DONE.  It’ll look like you spent so much longer tracing a pattern with your handy dandy sewing machine… but, I have done the hard work for you!

I like to leave a small perimeter around the stitches.  To me, it gives a more hand sewn look.


Prefer the raggy look?  That’s easy too!  I chose 2 fabrics that were contrasting in color.  This is when I use the fabric that has been sitting around forever… you won’t see the pattern on the bottom, just the color so use what you haven’t been able to get rid of!

I also layer a piece of fleece, flannel, or felt on the very bottom.  It makes the design more secure and makes the raggy edges pop up better.


Since, you won’t be using Heat N Bond lite, I suggest starching and ironing your fabrics well first.


I cut the top two layers of fabric first and then cut the bottom fabric (felt in this tutorial) last.  I try to cut it slightly closer to the stitch than the top fabrics.  Be sure to leave a good perimeter for the fabrics to fray or “raggy” well.


Sometimes, I will make small snips in the fabric to help the fraying process.  You can skip this.  I will also toss it in the dryer if needed.


If you want to skip the dryer, rough up the edges with your scissors OR your fingernail.


See how cute!  I love the orange and green for FALL!


One simple design… two fabulous results.




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