Merry ALMOST Christmas! 

Merry ALMOST Christmas.

I am going to be a little “real” with all of you for just a minute. 🙂 I have been thinking of ways I could do something good for this holiday season… a giveaway for my customers or an auction to benefit a charity…. I would honestly love to be able to give away a machine or something BIG to one of you. My customers (YOU) are the reasons that I am able to work from home. Just as I don’t know that hard parts of your life… I (just like you) have hard parts in mine. Working from home is a BLESSING that you just don’t realize that you are a HUGE part of. I am so so grateful.  

Instead of being discouraged about what I can’t do for you… like I have been. I want to be encouraged to do what I can and encourage YOU to do what you can do. I think so many times, we let what we can’t do stop us and we do nothing…. Well today, I have a little something for you. This is something I CAN DO. I hope you like it and I hope it helps you grow your business! I want to return the support that you have given to me in support of Applique Alley and my family. 

I am going to give 10 shopping passes before Christmas that will be good for 48 hours. I don’t have the times set yet. I will come up with a schedule. You will have a designated time to shop on our site for 48 hours to get all the designs you need for your collection to help grow your business for 2017. I hope this helps you and your family the way you have helped mine.

I will post the first giveaway at 10 pm tonight on our facebook page:


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