If I stitch one more state…

Hey guys!

As many of you may know, we recently created all the 50 states wrapped in Christmas lights.  The first 20 are listed and we plan to list more tonight.  This has been an extremely time consuming process and I do believe my eyes are starting to cross!  If I stitch one more state, I fear I might develop a nervous tick.  Due to the fact that most of my testers are busy (understandably) this time of year, I am having to stitch about 90% of them myself.  Am I complaining?  No WAY!  I adore my job!  Am I letting you into my crazy world of applique for a few seconds?  Absolutely!

Photo Dec 11, 6 26 24 PM

This is the RARE photo of me that you will see… very little makeup and slightly exasperated.  Don’t you absolutely LOVE the dry wall patches in the unfinished wall behind me?  Fancy huh?  Yep, this is my drafty, unfinished, sewing…. closet.  My fabric is in piles and my blanks are unorganized.  It is what it is.

As I started stitching New York tonight… (or is it New Jersey?)…. I found myself feeling slightly stressed.  Maybe it had to do with the fact that my 7 year old daughter poured out an entire bucket of Halloween candy on the kitchen floor… Maybe it was due to my almost 6 year old son’s distraught voice over the fact that the newest Star Wars Rebels didn’t record…. or JUST MAYBE, it’s the fact that my husband is away on a hunting trip (nah, he travels for a living, I am use to it!)  So, please y’all tell me I am not alone.  I am not the only one with baskets of laundry (clean AND dirty) filling my house.  I am not the only one with a sink full of dirty dishes that I should have washed 2 days ago… ok, the REALLY dirty ones are washed, but I will admit those water glasses may be here next week.

I guess it’s true.  We are AL exhausted.  Thankful and blessed… but utterly exhausted.  Have you ever tried to explain to anyone what you do for work?  I did… and once someone asked me if I ever get bored.  I had no words to respond that that query.  They just don’t get it… but I DO… and YOU DO…  and let me just say, I am thankful for yall.

I think it’s nice to find a little humor in the agony, don’t you?

We are all in this together!  Happy Thursday peeps!

In scraps and threads,